Friday 19 August 2011


Hello and welcome to my first (published) post.

I cannot count how many times before now I have told myself that i'll start blogging. However, courage has stepped in, backed up with determination making today, the 19th Aug 2011 the begining of greater days ahead.

Today is my birthday and more than any feeling of happiness or anything else i am grateful and thankful to God - for keeping me alive till this moment, making my life beautiful - giving me a friend as a wife and giving us the custody of 2 beautiful girls -, for the gift of great families (Afolabis & Akinyemis), for wonderful friends, for a loving christian family and so much more.

I have been taking stock of my life since the early hours of today and just the events in the past month till date are enough to get me bursting into singing, dancing, crying (for joy ofcourse) and giving thanks to God.

I am indeed very grateful.


  1. This is a good start Dami......

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