Monday 22 August 2011

What do you do when your spouse isn't around?

The time will come, infact maybe several times, whether you planned for it or not, when you will be home alone. For clarity, I am refering to husbands and wives, not live-in partners, nor housemates, nor anything other than legally married couples.
A few spouses may see this as a time to indulge in stuff (fill in yours) you won't be able to fully disclose to your spouse when he/she is back. Although that is an extreme, most people would just go through such periods not knowing exactly how they spent the time.

I have been through a couple of home alone times in my 3year old marriage and of all my activities during such periods, i can tell the most fulfilling- a retreat.
A retreat is something that rejuvenates you, its a time of introspection, revaluation and putting your life in order in all ramifications. You come out of a retreat re-energized and your life and marriage will be better for it.

I invite you to write in the comment section, from your personal experiences, what you enjoyed doing the most during your home alone time(s).


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