Thursday 22 September 2011

Following my Dream

I had a very wild imagination growing up and till now can't shake off some of those thoughts that just pop in my head. Exactly 8 years ago, I decided to 'publish' my thoughts in a notebook, the entries where dated so that whenever I read them in future, I could measure how far I had come to realizing them as against when I put them down.

In retrospect, I realize that the zeal and enthusiasm I had in those days have gone cold, what I mean is this; as much as I think about what I would love to do, the strength of chasing it has significantly reduced. It seems I am just satisfied with the thoughts and not fired up enough to run after it till it becomes my reality.

For example, I had always wanted to be an airline Pilot, I wrote it in my 'tots' notebook, in fact, I spent a year at the beginning of my working career with an airline just to get an opportunity to learn about flight operations and hoped to be schooled at an aviation college, but recently, when I saw an opportunity to apply for training, I was complacent, rationalized that at this stage in my life, it might be safer to settle for the familiar and avoid unnecessary stress but thanks to my wife who as a matter of fact pushed me to go for it.

Today ,before completing this post, I forwarded my application to a flying school, an indigenous one that I have been following (on the news, journals and Yes on twitter too) for a while - waiting for them to get the necessary licenses for take-off and they have just concluded that. Although I do not know exactly how my tuition will be covered when I get the admission, I took the leap of faith. What makes it easier is the support I enjoy from friends who can identify with this dream and encourage me to never give up.

Sometime in the future, I would be blogging about my flying experience(s) because by then, I'll be living the dream.

Having said that about me, what dreams have you had, do you still have but are giving yourself excuses not to chase after? Do you think you can achieve them?

Your future and reality lies in the answer you just gave, so here's a chance for you to set things straight.
Do you think you can achieve your dreams?

Congratulations on answering right. Some way, some how, opportunities will come, doors will open and you will identify them instantly because you are prepared for this expected end.

Don't let anything hold you back, hang around those that fuel your dreams, explore materials that capture your expectations, engage God every step of the way and am sure I'll get a comment from you to this post in your future.


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