Thursday 10 November 2011

Not a Loss

I don't consider it a loss when something that is Gods' returns back to him. Majority of the people who came to visit us thought that the reality of what happened had not dawned on us (my wife & I) because of our countenance from about 12 hours after the incident. What they did not know was that the truth had also dawned on us which is; heads or tails, we win.

Our baby girl, Aaseoluwa, who had been ill since about 3 weeks after her birth returned back to God Monday around midnight (07/11/11). She was four and a half months old. We loved her with all our hearts and did everything humanly possible to sustain her, with the full support of our family and friends.

In our wisdom, she would have been better off being with us but ultimate wisdom had its way.

We had a lot of tears, because we wanted her for much longer. The thoughts of what she was going to be, how she would grow, relate with her sister and family were still vivid in our minds while we awaited her recovery. Of course there were times that what we saw was not encouraging but despite that, we held on to our expectations. We grew stronger because things got better at some points. Ironically we are still strong although she is now gone. I can't explain exactly how we've managed but I know it’s the God factor. 

There is a way the Word becomes flesh and does for you what no human being can do if only you can stay with it until you see exactly what God has for you (rhema).

I strongly believe that children of God do not die sudden deaths and I still do. This is because we all have a purpose for being alive in the first place and must accomplish such purposes before passing on. Our daughter fulfilled hers and that's why she was released quite early. I cannot say that I have identified all of it but I have realized a few.

It will take another post to outline the lessons learned while she was with us and the change that has begun in our lives.

My prayer is that you will find grace to help and strengthen you in time of need.


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  1. Once again Dami I'm sorry for your Loss but as you've said already; your daughter has gone to a better place and she fulfilled her purpose while she was here. I commend God's grace in your life and pray that He compensates you. Remain Blessed my broda.....


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