Sunday 1 April 2012

I Pledge to Nigeria

If any part of the following thoughts/words seem like I took them right from your heart, then you are a patriot, and I hope to see you in the Nigeria of our dreams which is just around the corner.

For a very long time now, by influences such as inspiration from the lives of great African leaders, wonderful mentors, a church with a vision of excellence, a desire to live in an ideal environment amongst others, I have been developing myself to be a solution to the problem in Nigeria. If Nigeria is indeed not just a geographical location on earth but is also defined by the people residing in her and their culture, then her salvation is nearer than we presumed. This will be achieved by influence starting with me.

While I am not a hundred percent perfect because I have compromised at times, I am working very hard to damn the consequences of going against wrong popular/majority opinion.

I have resolved to do what is right and stand for it even when I am not personally benefiting from it. I have resolved to obey the law. I have resolved to give my best in whatever I do whether it is my responsibility or by my freewill. I have resolved to accept nothing less than the best from anyone (person or organisation) in a position to serve me whether they volunteered to do so or as part of their duty. I have resolved to live by noble principles and a high ethical standard. It does not matter if I am the CEO or the clerk, if I am just new to the system or a master in the game, or if it might make me look stupid in the immediate term. I've chosen not to 'run away' from Nigeria because of her present condition. I've chosen to make Nigeria the country of my dreams.

I will ensure that whichever system I pass through experiences what I stand for. It must strive to attain the best standards, must be transparent, merit driven, respect authority and follow protocol.

I believe Nigeria will change from what it is now to what it ought to be and this is not necessarily a function of time but of people. Being in the private or public sector doesn't matter, what matters is being a positive influence.

Many others like me are in the developing stage, doing what we know is right already in our sphere of influence, although our time has not yet fully come. The time and effort spent in building a solid foundation is never wasted. Our love for Nigeria motivates us.

In a short while the change will come, the question is 'will you be an ambassador of this change?'

If you consider yourself my friend and you cannot live or do right, take this as a disclaimer; I cannot guarantee that you will not be punished, in fact I will ensure and champion justice without prejudice.

So help me God, till my last breath.

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