Thursday 23 January 2014

How do I know I love you?

I know I love you because I’m happy every time I think of you. There’s no distance too far for me to cover just to get to you. There’s no risk I won’t face to protect you, in fact I feel like a superman whenever the need arises. If it’s going to make you happy and safe, it’s a good idea.
I lose my peace if we quarrel or are not in good terms for any reason. Even if my actions delay, my priority is making you feel on top of the world, always. There is nothing unforgivable when it comes to you.  If I want to ‘spoil’ myself with anything, I make provision for two. I find courage to tell you what’s on my mind eventually even if I have to stammer through. Whatever we go through, I come out stronger because of you.

This is not just because you love me back, or that you believe in my dreams. It’s not because you are smart and industrious or strong and resilient. It's not because you care for others and make the world a better place with your capabilities. Not just because of your beautiful skin and your skills in every ramification. It’s not even because am married to you.

I love you because I chose to and you have made it easy to do so. You've given me wings Oluseun Kadolapo Afolabi.

NB: I wrote this piece for some reasons, a few are;
1.       Tomorrow is not promised to any of us and the One who first loved us could want us back to Himself.
2.       You feel like this about someone and that person needs to know.
3.       I would love someone to mention a name in the comments and how you know you love him/her/them.
4.       It’s my first post since a dream became reality.


  1. I would like to send a message. Is there an email you can be reached on?

  2. I love it. ❤️


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