Tuesday 17 June 2014

Marriage: A blank Sheet

A lot of us have imagined how our wedding day would be like, for many women they have not only imagined it, they've lived that day over and over in their minds before knowing who the groom would be and if he probably has an entirely different picture on his mind.

While that is not wrong, too much energy has been put into the thought and execution of a perfect wedding day. In reality, that day is just the beginning of the many dimensions of marriage. You need to realize that marriage is like a painting. A painting for two.

It’s tasking because there are a thousand aspects you need to work on and it must involve your spouseYou have to work in agreement and in sync otherwise this art becomes a mess. The good news is that each part surfaces at different stages of life, so you’re not overwhelmed.

How do you want your sex life to be? What about your social life, life with children, after children, philanthropy, finances, forgiveness and on and on.  You have the liberty to innovate notwithstanding the type of marriage either of you were a product of. If and when kids come, they reach ages where they can also contribute. That makes you live on purpose and not merely in reaction to life's ups and downs. Ever wondered why some couples seem different, as in cool-different, looking forward to their future, excited, satisfied, and kind of have most things put together? Well, its because they are mastering the art of becoming one.

Another great thing to know is this; with a loving spouse you always have the opportunity of starting over, putting new touches, sometimes you can dispose or replace paintings as you mature and grow together. I’m in a remodeling phase right now and it feels exciting. There is a God factor in how things turn out, so He is a constant you can’t leave out. You owe present and future generations this because your marriage will be a model, whether positive or negative.

God created all the beauty we see around from His imagination; you can create a beautiful marriage from yours.

This is dedicated to all fathers- ‘Men who birth and nurture visions.’

Happy Fathers Day.


  1. I can't agree less on many of the points raised in this journal. As an addendum to it, I'll say that many young people as they dream, think, desire to be married someday; they do not take time during either their dating or courting stage (if any) to ask vital questions, agree on important issues that could solidify their proposed union. Questions bothering on both partners sex life, social life, number of children, sources of income, expectations, what irritate both parties, how to resolve common conflict in the home, child spacing method, allergies, and fully understanding yourselves.
    When all these are discussed before marriage, the marital journey becomes a smooth drive, even in the face of hiccups; you are sure of a solution.

  2. "Variety is the spice of life" I think families should try to go on vacation more often, create memories rather than acquire more liabilities and assets for kids. Many want to keep up with the Joneses, buy a new car, move to Banana Island etc. Luxury living is good but when it all falls down, only memories are left.

  3. Where does God say that man and woman joined in Him are two?

    1. And yet men continue to make what God has joined together as two individuals instead of being one.


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