Monday 14 July 2014

Ordinary yet making Impact

I have been pondering about the perception of readers about people who write, especially about life's issues. It crossed my mind that people expect that for you to write on a topic you must be infallible in that area- but I beg to differ.
Nobody is perfect. For majority of writers that I know, their life is like the path of the justa...,so its in the journey. They are never the same person they were in the past, they're God's work in progress. What makes them stand out is the boldness to write what they've seen/heard and make it plain. Perfection cannot be attained until we all see Jesus.

Writing from experience means that you have actually learned a truth after going through most likely a hard time. Writing from inspiration or revelation does not preclude the writer from applying such wisdom to his/her own situation in life. In fact, it is because they have proof of such wisdom that they write.

Personally, writing for me is like a note to myself and whoever may walk the same path as I have. It is me being accountable for my experiences, knowledge and God's revelations. Its me investing what the master has given me according to my ability.

I am sure that as I grow, there will be new challenges, good and bad but all will work out for my good. There will also be a deeper understanding of certain matters and I have promised myself to update my insights on such in this journal.

Writing does not make me a preacher- the responsibility of that is greater than I can handle presently. However, it gives strength to my resolve about issues and makes me even more committed to live right. There are times I look through my journal and what I see is a picture of what God has brought me through and that is what keeps me pressing on. As I do more, He makes me shine brighter.

I had always been a reader of blogs and still am, but there's been a change in my life since I began to write. I consider myself a change agent and this as my voice. Add mine to others who share through this and other media and what you get is the influence that will shape our world to what we've always dreamed of. 

I challenge you to speak out because God has given you a voice. If you have been waiting for the 'call', this is it.

aProv 4:18


  1. Thank you Dami
    Seun Sal

  2. Thank you. Speaks to me. Also please do not stop writing. You inspire me.

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